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Playing the piano



Joon Kim is a performer and teacher. He was educated in Music Performance at the VCA. He also regularly performs in Community Bands and Big Bands around the local area of the South Eastern Suburbs. Joon teaches Music in a variety of styles and contexts. He particularly enjoys starting beginners in the Primary Schools, and having them build their confidence in their playing and learning. Joon goes to the next level in helping his students maintain interest in their instrument, and is always happy to listen and act on requests to then taylor the lessons to the individual needs of the student. He is a very popular music teacher.

  Cassandra Davidanne

Violin, Cello, Flute, PIano, and Singing

Cassandra David is an enormusly multi-talented specialist music teacher

teaching on line music lessons for Hands On Music.

Cassandra presently only teaches music lessons on-line. 

Cassandra has a Degree in Music Performance, and is grade 8 in piano, flute and violin, as well as classically trained voice major for her studies. She is able to take the student through AMEB exams

Cassandra is wonderful at inspiring/motivating her students to want to learn about their instrument.

Playing Piano
Leon Ross - Accordion Profile_edited.jpg



Leon Ross holds a Bachelor of Music ( Majoring in Performance) and a Masters

in Screen Composition. Leon has been teaching in performing arts for many years. 

He has a hugely creative apporach to everything he does. He has been composing

classical music for 15 years and studied with the Edith Cowen University.

He has also achieved a Diploma of Sound Engineering  Majoring in sound physics )

and holds an Electronic Music Certificate (III) Leon has completed work for Disney, and has amazing prospects as he moves forward in his profession . He can also lead and take workshops /classes for primary lschool evel to instruct on songwritng,  to development of a musical ear.  Leon is a truly inspirational piano teacher, unlike any other.

  Elissa Robustelli  


Elissa Robustelli is our flute specialist. She holds a Bachelor of Music Performance from the University of Melbourne, and has been awarded Licentiate Of Music of Australia (L.MusA). Elissa is an active member of the Melbourne Youth Orchestra, Victorian Youth Orchestra, and Tri Musae performing at Melbourne Recital Centre, Hamer Hall, Melbourne Town Hall and Iwaki Auditiorium.  Elissa has also taken her music overseas and has played at The Villars Bretonneux dawn service on ANZAC Day in France. Elissa achieved the highest mark for music performance in flute for VCE, and played in the VCE Top Class showcase. 

Elissa has also set up a flute ensemble to perform and compete in competitions.

Bre Bischorn


Brianna Bischorn is a very fine violinist. She has A Bachelor Degree In Music Peformance from Monash University, and regularly performs in Orchestras. Bre has been teaching primary school students for 3 years now. Bre enjoys quickly moves students through many tunes to keep students inspired to learn.

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele and Piano


Salvador Facundo Peralta is a  most highly qualified Specialist teacher who has a Bachelor Degree of Music Performance ( jazz major) from Monash University. He is also an exquisite Classical Guitarist having achieved the 8th grade guitar level whilst only 17 years old. Today he is more contemporary and plays in a band touring as well. He loves to teach piano to beginners and enjoys moving the students thought the piano series of books to AMEB exams if they wish. 

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Eukele.

Frank James has been teaching guitar for Hands On Music for the past 2 years, he has an Advanced Diploma in Audio Engineering and produces Music and composes songs for his Band called ' Majak Door'.  In the band he is the lead singer and guitarist. Frank also works with Children with Disability as an additional job, and knows how to teach children with touches of Autism and ADHD. He has alot of patience,  and is so happy teaching that he is also studying a part-time Primary school teaching degree.

Singing or Guitar, or Ukulele


Chris Korkzinski is a contempory Specialist Guitar teacher. He is also professionally involved in DJ performances  and Band as well as  Music Production. He has a Bachelor Degree in Music ( Composition Major). The singing students are particularly lucky as they have him accompanying them on the guitar at our concerts. Chris enjoys seeing his singing students develop the craft to singing confidence.

Chris's Guitar students enjoy learning in the interactive manner in which he accompanies them also on guitar during the entire lesson. This helps the student gain an ear for keeping time with another musician and also helps them keep to a correct playing technique by example..

Chris Korkzinsky
   Linda Roeland        


Linda Roeland has had significant experience in a famed School of Singing whereby she taught group and individual lessons, including teaching many now well known Melbourne Singers , ( including Harisson Craig who was the Winner of the 2013 'The Voice' whom learnt from the age of 8 years old). Linda has sung professionally, and also acted in Neighbours, Carsons Law, Blue Heelers etc, and worked in famous Musicals such as 'Funny Girl', Mane and Sweet Charity. Her experience also includes contempary singing in 'Original trio Band'.

Linda is gifted at building her singing student's confidence to perform.

Singing, Guitar and Piano

Matthew Heard is a specialist singing, guitar, eukele, and piano teacher. He has has a Bachelor Degree of Applied Music (performance major).Matthew is a tenor and has been an active member of a Nationa acapello group that has won competiitions, both here and internationally. He is very enthusiastic and passionate about teaching.

   Matthew Heard  


Mary Constantineous is a multi-talented piano teacher.  Mary holds the AMEB 8th grade piano certificate, and has a Bachelor of Applied Music (majoring in performance) from Monash University, and is very keen to share her extensive knowledge with students beginning piano. 

Mary has been teaching at the Primary schools for 2 years now.

 Mary Constantineous      
Amogh Ananth
   Joe Swann


 Amogh Ananth is a young violin teacher with a Bachelor Degree in

Music Performance from Monash. 

He has been teaching violin in primary schools for 'Hands On Music'

for one year now, and is delighted to assist and inspire his violin

students to take AMEB exams.

Amogh has also studied violin in New York,

played at Hamer Hall. as well acclaimed solo performances

at the St Paul's Cathedral in Melbourne.


Joe Swann has extensive touring experience in Professional drumming for the last 20 years, and has a band called Majak Door. He studied Bachelor of Music ( Performance Major) and also composes. He has been teaching drums in Primary schools for 3 years now, and enjoys teaching to the extent that he is also studying a Teaching Degree part tme as well. He is very enthusiastic and excited to be teaching drums. 


Thanh Tranh began learning from an early child, and has progressed to AMEB Classical Piano

grade 8, and beyond in his Bachelor Degree Music studies. He is an incredible pianist, who enjoys playing wedding gigs with his band on weekends, and with his keyboard lead skills, he can really make the room take off.  Thanh can inspire a budding pianist to learn well . Sometimes Thanh brings in two keyboards into lessons so that students can also play lead keyboard for a treat in amongst the learning of the fundamentals as well. his becomes apparent at the end of year concerts.

He has been teaching piano for 5 years, and joined Hands on Music 2 years ago, now teaching primary age students. He will be an absolute inspiration to his students.

Thanh Tranh
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