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  Musical Instrument Programs for the individual child 



To provide music lessons, whilst fitting in with the school environment, that encompass essential values of trust, reliability. and true competency, by teaching music in a traditional manner, and taking care to engage the student, so that they learn to play correctly, gain knowledge of music fundamentals. learn to read music, leading to preparation of performance pieces. We aim to enhance the child's capacity to be creative, and develop their ear and expression for music.


  Year round Program 

       The 'Hands on Music' contracted music teachers provide an enjoyable, positive, and nurturing atmosphere for their students to learn. Lessons are held once per week.

      The teachers are motivated by their own developmental high education professional training, continuous live performance experience, and technological applications of their own music. 

      The program is split into the four terms of the school year. Before each term begins, the student's parent is contacted with an email which includes details of the lessons for the coming term ahead.

       Lessons are held once per week, with strong lines of communication open and maintained between the alliances with the school , the parent, and the 'Hands on Music'

Manager/administrator who responds with quick sensible action to ensure a smooth relationship between all parties.


There are  concerts held at the school each November/December, so that each child  may  experience the satisfaction of playing (or singing) their performance piece(s), (which they have practiced as requested in their practice diary)  to a well wishing audience of parents and friends. These concerts are designed to enhance the student's confidence in playing to an audience.

During the Lockdown 2020-2021, we were very proud to present on-line concerts of all home performances as recorded by their parents. Performance were joined together to make a series of celebratory on-line concerts viewable for limit of just 2 days. We respect utmost privacy, and do not make these amazing performances public or viewable from the web-site.

  Supportive to schools  

The 'Hands On Music' lesson program offered by Children's Music Learning Services is designed to be as supportive, and as maintainance free as possible to the school.

  •   We do not require any funding whatsoever from the school . We are happy to assist with fundraising activities, ie we can donate free term lesson vouchers for silent auctions, raffles, spinning wheel, casino nights etc. If we sell instruments , for example, eg a guitar , we can pay the school 10% of the purchase price. We can also contribute a school surcharge, and pay a fee to be in the newsletter.

  •   Hands On Music quickly responds to all customer/parent queries. Hands On Music will look after the enquiries, orders, receipts, bookings, and deliveries.

  •     We can demonstrate any of the instruments taught at assemblies, classrooms, and/or happily speak about the program , ie during prep transitions.

  •     Provide students who are advancing with an option to sit A.M.E.B. examinations.

  •     All our music teachers are contracted to follow strict guidelines/rules, and all have the Working with Children police checks .  All our staff are friendly, and appreciative to be working within a school.

  •     We aim to be a positive presence in the school.

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